People Often Say That Employee Motivation Doesn't Last...

Well, neither does bathing. That's why I recommend both daily...especially employee motivation.

I have seldom met any leader who doesn't think motivation is important...We all do, but it is the numbers and the bottom line that’s keeping our company in business. Most of us get measured on these factors.

So we find ourselves spending most of our energy on achieving the numbers...and we should.

We recon that once we have achieved the numbers, we will spend more time on morale.

And then one day...bang, we realize that the morale is down and it's having a direct impact on the bottom-line.

We didn’t plan it; it just crept up on us.

This website is about building and sustaining employee motivation. The focus will be on connecting the human spirit with business results.

You will find tools and techniques as well as theories and models to use on a daily basis.

The information here will help you answer the following questions:

  • What can I do to keep my employees motivated?
  • What can I do to keep the morale high during stressful periods?
  • How do I use Team Building Activities to motivate my employees?
  • What can I do to motivate my employees during times of vigorous change?
  • How do I manage employee relationships?
  • What can I do to motivate Individuals?
  • How do I motivate myself?

If this is the questions on your mind, join me as we discover the answers.

EBook: Inspirational Goal Setting For Teams & Individuals
EBook: A Step-By-Step Goal Setting Process That Inspire And Direct
Team Building Program: "Summit Together"
The "Summit Together" adventure is a high impact, experientially based team building program. The program aims to build sustainable employee motivation by connecting the human spirit with your busines
Products and Services
Products & Services include: General Teambuilding, Emotional intelligence, Leadership development, Change management, Public speaking and Life coaching
The Employee Motivation Blog
The Employee Motivation Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to Web site.
Team Motivation, How to Motivate Individuals and Teams
How to build and sustain morale on the four pillars of Team Motivation
Self motivation Precedes Employee Motivation
Build self motivation on the pillars of goal setting, self awareness, positive thinking and values
Setting Goals: What Do You Really Want?
Setting Goals is the cornerstone of motivation...but only if they reflect your highest values and deepest desires
Live A Purpose Driven Life
Living a purpose driven life is all about living a life filled with joy, happiness, energy, zest and peace. If you live such a life, everything has meaning...
Effective Leadership. Learn How to Improve People’s Thinking
Effective leadership today is about how to learn to improve people’s thinking. Employees want to work smarter, they want to BE smarter and they are crying out for help.
Leadership Styles. A Variety Of Leadership Styles And When To Choose Which One
The best leadership styles arises out of the situation, incorporating the characteristics of the followers and the task or challenge at hand. Read more...
Managing Stress, Become Aware of the Stress Cycles in Your Life
Stress can have a negative impact on employee motivation. The key to managing stress is to get that balance between stressful periods and time for recovery just right
Emotional Intelligence, Tools to Build Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence can be developed. Use these tools to develop your emotional muscle
Managing change, Understand The Big picture And Create The Right Mindset
Understanding the big picture and having the right mindset is crucial for managing change.
The Generation Gap. How To Motivate Different Generations
Learn more about the generation gap and how to motivate different generations at work.
Team Building Ideas. How To Conduct Your Own Team Building Session
Team building ideas on how to conduct your own team building session. Free sample program
Employee Incentive Program. How to Implement an Effective Incentive Program
An effective employee incentive program is a very useful and important aspect of employee motivation. Here is how to implement just that...
Free Team Building Activities. A Powerful Way To Get Your Message Across
Use these free team building activities to communicate on a rational, emotional, spiritual, physical and social level.
Ice Breakers. How To Use Ice Breakers To Motivate Employees
Learn how to use ice breakers to create the right environment for employee motivation.
Get A Life Coach And Live The Life You Love. Free Trial Session Via Skype
Having a life coach is the first step in the adventure of living the life you love. Contact me for a FREE life coaching trial session.
About Sustainable Employee Motivation
Wondering who I am?...
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Team Building Activities. Activities To Improve Emotional Intelligence Together
These team building activities build the emotional intelligence if the team together.

Inspirational Goal Setting For Teams!

A Step-By-Step Process

A Guide To Inspirational Goal Setting!

A Step-By-Step Process

Wondering Who I am?

Hi, my name is Derik Mocke, The Energizer.

I like to describe myself as an energetic, purpose driven, educated, present moment, emotionally aware, fun loving professional life coach, group coach, motivator, father and marathon runner.

My life purpose is to help people, groups and companies to find their energy and zest for life.

If you want to make use of my services for employee motivation, you can contact me here.

If you want to know more about self motivation, you might want to read about The 9 Keys To Energize Your Life Purpose

I hope you enjoy this site as much as i do writing the articles...