Six Techniques for Daily Emotional Development

Emotional development is the cornerstone of self awareness...and self awareness is one of the pillars of self motivation.

So what can we do to make awareness a habit?

Here is a couple of techniques to make awareness a daily habit.

Technique #1

Start your day to reflect on your feelings. You will only need about 10 or 15 minutes for this. Make sure it is a time of the day that you are alone and will not be disturb.

Make yourself comfortable. Sit in a comfortable chair or any comfortable position. Take five to ten minute to concentrate on your breathing. Clear your head and only focus on the air going in and out of your chest. Feel your chest expands. If you find your thoughts drifting, don’t worry. Just take your mind back to your breathing.

This will get you in what Eckhart Tolle describes in his book, The Power of Now, into the here and now. Your attention is now inwards. Now you are ready to start focusing on recognising that feelings.

Technique #2

Put a reminder somewhere on your body. A piece of elastic band around your wrist or something written on your hand. Whenever you see this, reflect on what emotion you are experiencing at that very moment.

Technique #3

Whenever you have time alone, like when you are driving in traffic or waiting in a queue, reflect on what emotions you have experienced the past 3 hours

Technique #4

After every major interaction with someone else during the day, reflect back on the emotions you have experienced.

Technique #5

If you recognize a negative emotion, don’t beat yourself up about it. Rather congratulate yourself for recognizing it. Remember that we don’t choose our emotions.

It’s a mere reaction to a situation in your life that you don’t like. Embrace the fact that you have recognized your feeling. It’s you’re Emotional Guidance System that’s getting through to you.

Technique #6

Don’t try to analyze where it’s coming from too much. You can get there later. Just practice recognizing that feeling. Make this a habit.

Initially you will have to consciously focus on emotional development, but very soon you will recognize emotions in the moment.

If you have over reacted in a certain situation, don’t beat yourself up either. Reflect back on what emotions caused your outburst.

Remember the idea of this is to make awareness a habit. It’s like building a house. Spend a decent amount of time to master this and the rest will be so much easier.

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